Sunday, 1 April 2012

Gumboots Dress Knockoff


I purchased a Gumboots dress for my daughter from the Children and Baby Market last week.
It was made from a stripey grey knit fabric and cost me a whole $2.
I really loved the simple style and thought to myself, I could make that. So I did.

My oldest daughter had brought this fabric back from Poland when she was there last year.
It belonged to my sister-in-laws Grandmother.
It was only a small piece of fabric so I had to cut the sleeves a little shorter than the original.

I am beginning to like sewing with knit fabric more and more.
I love that it doesn't frey so when I edged the neck I just folded the binding in half and left the edges raw.

I had just enough scrap to make a matching headband.

This dress, a long sleeve mini dress, has a bit of a 1960's feel to me.

Cute and comfy.

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  1. That's an adorable dress, Sherry and it will be so practical and comfortable to wear!!!



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