Sunday, 22 January 2012

Aprons Galore


Yesterday  had in mind to finish a cute little outfit I had started on Friday
but I got persuaded by my 3.5 year old to make her an apron to match her Dads.

Once I had done that my 10 year old wanted one and then I just had to make one for my 5 year old son too.

This was the result.

I traced an existing kids apron we had to make the pattern.

I decided to make a tie around the neck and at the back so these apron can grow with my kids.
As you can see the same size apron fits all 3 kids, it just differs in length.

The love heart apron has 2 loveheart pockets,
the star apron has a rectangular pocket and
the stripey apron has one large rectangular pocket that I divided into 3.

Hopefully I'll get a chance in the next day or two to complete
my little baby outfit I started on Friday.

I really am addicted to sewing you know, I just can't get it out of my mind!!!
I know most of you can relate :)

Saturday, 21 January 2012

"A Library Bag" made by my 10 year old.

Spot the dot library bag.


My ten year old daughter loves playing around on my sewing machine.
She is always making litte bag's but this time she made a big bag.

My eldest daughter bought this fabric piece home from Poland
when she went on holidays earlier this year.

My 10 year old did everything herself when making this bag including cutting out the pieces, pinning and sewing up the bag. I only helped with ironing the straps.

I think it is a job well done!    

2 Little Pleated Skirts


I got one of my Japanese pattern books out yesterday and made 2 little skirts.
This was the first one I made.

 I was surprised that it did not fit snuggly around my daughter waist.
Everything I have made from my Japanese pattern books have fitted perfectly up to now.

This spotted fabric was out at $2p/m.
I bought 3 metres of this fabric and 3 metres of another fabric, also selling for $2p/m.
So all up I purchased 6 metres of fabric, using a $10 voucher I only paid $2.

I decided to make a slight change in the next skirt I made.

I added an elastic back and this made ALL the difference for a perfect fit.
I even went back and altered the first skirt, also giving it an elastic back.

This spotted fabric was put on the cheap rack but was supposed to be full price at $14p/m.
I ended up paying $6p/m.

I added this woollen lace trim and blue ric rac.
I'm not sure if it would have been better left plain.
What do you think?

I just love this pearl button ♥

I made another little hair bow, this time attaching it to a lacky.

Such a cute little pattern. I'll be sure to make a few more of these :-)

Monday, 16 January 2012

A Dress for ME


I decided it was time to make a little something for me.

I have made a couple of these dresses before but this would have to be my favourite one out of all of them.

I am going to have to take a couple of pics with me wearing it because I have to say that it does actually look better on. The top of the dress hangs over at the waist whichs makes it perfect for hiding any little tummy bulges I might be carrying.

This fabric actually came from my husband Nan. It has a nice texture to it and just screams summer.

But being vintage fabric it has the disadvantage of time and flaws.
And worst of all, this was the piece I used for thr FRONT of my dress...grrrrr

Anyway the pattern I used was Burda 7913
I judged Burda quite harshly in this post and had forgotton I had used Burda for this dress.
I found this one to be easy to follow. The only change I made was to lengthen the top part of the dress by about an inch the allow a little extra room for the casing for the elastic around the waist.

I'm heading over to link up this dress at Pams Threading Your Way Womens Dresses Link Party so you should head over there to add any of your creations or just check out others ideas.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Another Summer Outfit For Baby


I purchased a couple of new patterns the other day and used one of them to make this.

It was the Burda 9802. I was looking for a different style top for my baby and liked this pattern because it also offered the ruffle pants.  It was the first time sewing with a Burda pattern.

Hmmm...I have to say that Burda is not one of my favourite patterns  :-(

I prefer tops to have a lining/facing rather that use bias tape to edge the collar and armholes.
It makes for a neater finish.

I added black piping around the collar to tie in with the black pants.

I followed the pattern when sewing the pants but they just didn't match up.
The front pieces were about an inch shorter than the back pieces so I had to cut them down to make them even.

I made the pants out of black drill. I had this in my cupboard to make my son some school pants. After making these cute ruffle bloomers with it I now think that black drill is way better for boys school pants than a sweet baby girls outfit.

Of course I added a matching bow.

Nevertheless I still am happy with the overall result.
I think next time though I will make the pants with ruffles that match the pant fabric rather than having such a big contrast.


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