Friday, 6 April 2012

Version 2 of the Sunki Dress


I have made another Sunki dress, this time for my 10 year old.
Here it is.

I made the size 8-9 even though my daughter is 10 years old. 
The size chart matched almost spot on for her using the 8-9, except for the length.

It is actually quite a short dress, but looking back to the 60's style, still acceptable.
A pair of tights or even jeans would fix this issue.

I used quilting cotton for this dress. The fabric itself has a softness to it that reminds me of brushed cotton.

I made a matching headband to accentuate the 1960's feel this dress has.

I cut the side panel pieces on the angle to give a bit of dimension to the dress.

I really do love this dress.
I'm thinking next time I'll make it about 5 inches longer in a plain fabric, maybe denim.



  1. So awesome! changing the direction is perfect for showing of the dimensions! I so want this pattern, alas I have no girls to sew for... yet!

  2. Looks great with the headband to match, Sherry.

  3. Adorable dress Sherry! Thanks for your sweet note on my bunny too! :)



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