Friday, 29 June 2012

Refashioned Chevron Pants


I made my little one some new pants yesterday.
I held onto an old vintage skirt that belonged to my Oma because I loved the fabric.
I used the skirt and this tutorial that Cass from "Cass Can Sew" posted as the inspiration to create this.

I thought I'd girly them up a little by adding a bow to the waist

and to the cuffs.

I had in mind that they would be used for the warmer weather as a 3/4 length pant
but I couldn't resist putting them on her now :-)

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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Cute little fly dress


I purchased this really cute knit fabric the other day from the remnant box for $5
and I had the perfect project in mind for it.

The red trim across the top looks much brighter in this picture
but it almost exactly matches the flies eyes in real life.
I have since added a black and red loveheart lace to the top of the red trim.
I used the same lace as the tie on the jacket I made to match the dress. 

I used this pattern from one of my favourite Japanese pattern books.

See the similarity?
The colour is almost the same, just the subject of the print has a slight variation :-)
I don't usually like flies, but I'm loving these ones.

The back is simple and sweet.
I just need to attach the hook and eye closure and it is complete. 

I made this little jacket using my Japanese pattern book.
It was a pattern for a bolero, I just extended the length by about 4 inches.

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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Maggie Mae Dress


I purchased the Maggie Mae pattern from Shwin Designs the other day
when they were offering 40% off all their patterns.
I bought the larger size which covers size 6-10. I thought I'd make one for my 10 year old.

This pattern has simple instructions but is probably best suited
to a competent sewer as they are not overly detailed.

It comes in 2 lengths, as a top and as a dress.
I made the top, which is more like a dress.

I really loved the look of this pattern but when I made it I was not 100% happy with the result.
This is most likey due to my sewing and not the actual pattern :)

It was really quite wide and shapeless so I ended up
adding some ruched elastic to the sides to bring it in a little bit. 

 I will try this pattern again, making a couple more changes
that will suit both me and my daughter better.
I guess the beauty of making things yourself is it allows you to change things
and customise as you wish.

She had complained that the neck felt a little chokey so I will round it a bit more
at the front and I might also round the underarms a little more too.

To solve the width around the waist I might add a casing and enclose elastic all the way around.

We achieved the same result with a thick elastic belt today.

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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Tartan Dress for School


I completed another dress for my daughter for school.
I think this should do her for the winter now.

I used the same pattern as the one I used for her birthday dress.

This fabric probably works a little better for this dress
as you can see the details like the pockets, collar and center pleat a little clearer.

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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Little Red Riding Hood Dress


My girl needed some warmer school clothes.
The little red skivvy she wore yesterday is almost a 3/4 sleeve now.
I decided to make a jumper dress for her.

I took an ugly red boys jumper...

...and turned it into something a little bit special.
It reminds me of something Little Red Riding Hood would wear.

I actually added 4 inches extra to the length to create more of a dress than a jumper.

I also joined it much higher up at the front. This is the 3rd jumper I have made with this pattern and I found that when making it the way the pattern suggests the jumper keeps slipping off at the shoulder.

The only request my daughter made in regards to the fabric choice was she wanted lovehearts.
I couldn't find any red and black fabric (school uniform colours) that had lovehearts,
except this fabric. It is sooo cute, perfect for a sewer.
There is little stick men with button heads, holding needles with thread.

I am really pleased with the result of this dress, and so is my girl.
She put it on this morning, even though she doesn't have school today.
At least I know she will be happy wearing it.

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Saturday, 2 June 2012

My latest addiction - Turning T-shirts into Pants


This weekend has been all about transforming my sons old t-shirts into
little PJ pants for my little girl.
You can see my first two attempts in the previous post.

This time I worked on transforming a Boys/Mens t-shirt into
something a little girl would be proud to wear.

This is what I came up with.

I used 3 different t-shirts to add some nice big flowers to an otherwise boring pair of green pants.

This little butterfly was the centre motif of one of my daughters favourite t-shirts
that was too stained to wear again.

I added a coloured button to the middle of each flower.

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Friday, 1 June 2012

Refashioned T-Shirt to PJ Pants


My oldest son went through his wardrobe the other day
and gave me a whole heap of t-shirts that he no longer wears.
I thought I'd use some of them to make my little baby some new jammie pants.

I chose a light pink Quiksilver t-shirt and cut a piece of the logo out to add to the bottom of the leg.
It had a very small mark on the top so I added another little patch of the logo.


Then I chose a nice purple t-shirt that had a skeleton riding a bicylce :-\

I guess thats the only problem with using a boys/mans t-shirt for a baby girls project,
sometimes the subject matter doesn't match.

Lucky they are bed pants :-)


I used the hem of the t-shirt for the pink pants.

To get the picture positioned right on the purple pair I had to cut higher into the t-shirt. 
These ones I had to hem myself.

I made this pattern from an old pair of pants that I cut open.
I traced around them and was able to create a pattern piece that only has one inside leg seam.
This makes for a super quick and easy pair of pants that I can whip up in half an hour.


I must use a few more of the t-shirts he gave me to make up some more pants.
I love the result, so quick and comfy.

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