Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Pink & Yellow Dress


I made this little dress yesterday with some of the fabric I had left over from this skirt.

It is kind of my own creation. I mixed up a couple of patterns to get this final product.

Once I had finished the pink dress I thought that the bodice was a little too long so to disguise this I added a yellow sash made from the same type of fabric.

I think that this actually makes the dress look nicer, especially teamed with a matching yellow t-shirt.

I used little pink press studs to fasten the straps at the front. I only used interfacing on the back straps so I'm a little worried that the press studs might rip the fabric at the front. The fabric is quite sheer so we'll see how it goes.

Perfect for a picnic...

and climbing trees?

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Yay! I Won!


I just have to say a big
to Lindsay from The Cottage Home for holding the Shabby Fabrics Giveaway.

I saw the notice on Facebook to say the winners had been drawn so I clicked the link.
When I scrolled down and saw my picture I just started laughing.
This is the first prize I have won since I have started blogging and I couldn't be happier.
I have entered quite a few competitions and I am soooo glad I won this one.

Thanks heaps to you and Shabby Fabrics.

I'll be sure to post what I make from my win, so stay tuned.

4 Layers Of Pink


Yesterday while I had my machine out and I thought I'd try a slightly different version of the On The Border Skirt I made here. I took the basic measurements for the yoke and the main part of the skirt but added a larger top ruffle and a bottom ruffle to complete the skirt.

I picked up all of this fabric from Spotlight at an unbelievable price. It was all off the cheap rack at only $3per metre. I bought just over a metre of each so I have plenty left for future projects. I just LOVE Spotlight!

This skirt was supposed to be a super quick job to complete but as is usually the case I spent the majority of the time unpicking. I had to resew the gathering stitch on the bottom ruffle about 4 times because I kept pulling it out. I was getting a little frustrated because I was so close to finishing and things just kept going wrong.

In the end it only took about 2 hours to complete (including stopping every 10 minutes to feed the kids and change nappies etc...) and I probably didn't spend more than $3 for all the materials.

I just adore my labels.

Overall I am very happy with my afternoons work and I'm already thinking what my next project will be! 

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Stripwork Skirts


I made these two little skirts a while ago when I was on my Pink Fig Stripwork Skirt marathon. All up I made probably 6 of these little skirts.

This is the size 3 skirt.

This is the size 6 months.

I love that they almost match but still have their own unique look.

This is an awesome pattern that you can use to make a cute party skirt, a light weight summer skirt (like the two I made here) or use a heavier fabric that will be suitable for Winter. 

The beauty of sewing patchwork or stripwork skirts are that they are very affordable. You can match cheaper plain fabric with a small amount of expensive printed fabric for a unique look.

I already know that I am going to have too many skirts in my girls wardrobe this year because they are so much fun to sew :-)


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