Saturday, 30 July 2011

Bags, Bags, Bags...

Hello again,
well I was up all last night making my new bag. It is the Rebeka Lambert Pleated Tote. I really love this pattern.

I wanted a neutral fabric so I made it out of a plain grey quilting cotton and a grey and white striped quilting cotton for the lining. I did have a couple of little issues in making this bag though. I had already made the Reversible Bucket Bag using the plain grey fabric as the lining and so when it came time to make the pleated tote I had already cut out the lining and one piece of the exterior. When I went to cut out the second piece of the exterior I realised I didn't have quite enough fabric left. The best I could do is cut the piece out with a small rectangle missing in the corner. I thought to myself "What am I going to do?" So I came up with some kind of a solution. I cut a little scrap of the plain grey and zigzaged it to finish the pattern piece. It looked realy ugly though so I took the same fabric I used for the internal pocket and cut out one of the butterflies. I stitched this over the repair.  My husband thought the finished result made it look like a label from a store bought bag. (Isn't he sweet) I put it at the back so it doesn't stand out too bad.                                                                                                  

Another thing I had a problem with was that I didn't have enough medium weight interfacing for this bag so I had to use a light weight interfacing instead. I was worried that it wouldn't be stiff enough but I actually really like the bag the way it is. It has a much softer finish and is really comfy looking. I really love the thickness and length of the handles and overall size of the bag. The pleats give a feminine touch and I am HAPPY!

Here are some pics of my other bags I made using the Reversible Bucket Bag pattern.

The coloured bag was my first attempt. I'm pretty happy with this bag. It was the first time I made my own bias binding and was really happy with the result. The second attempt at this bag was with the butterfly fabric. I used shop bought bias binding and I was not as happy with this. I really think it is worth making your own. That way you can perfectly match it with the fabric of your bag and it will most likely be much better quality (thicker).

Friday, 29 July 2011

Lets begin...Ruffle Nappy Cover

Welcome everyone to my very first blog entry. I have never done this before so I hope it all works out. If it does I hope you enjoy reading what I am up to.
I will post each new item I create and any useful info and links I use for your benefit.
To begin with I will post items that I have made up to now.

Last night I made a ruffle bum nappy cover using the MADE Diaper Cover tutorial. This is such a great site with very easy tutorials and free patterns. Dana is the reason I have began to blog as I am totally addicted to reading hers. I hope I can be at least half as interesting as she is. Anyway back to my creation. I added 3 ruffles across the bum for cuteness and the directions for these I found here Little Betty Ruffle Sunsuit.  I found that once I attached my ruffles I didn't have enough room for the waistband so I just added a waistband of 2 inches folded over to accommodate the elastic.  The fabric is "Puppies on Salmon" from the "Everything but the Kitchen Sink" Fabric line and "Little Hearts All Around" from the "Lamour" Fabric Line.

I have to admit I did struggle with folding over the legs for the elastic casing but I didn't iron them so that may have been part of the problem. Next time I'll do it properly and we'll see if it makes a difference.

Any way that is my first post. I would love to hear your comments and look forward to my next post. Seeya then.


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