Sunday, 29 April 2012

My First Lula Maxi Dress


I have made my first Lula Maxi Dress and I LOVE it!
The pattern is one that I won in the competition from Melly Sews and is from Lily Giggle.

I found this a very easy pattern to use and really recommend it to anyone who has basic sewing knowledge.

I slightly altered the pattern and added in a ruffle at the bottom instead of using a flat piece of fabric.
The ruffle was actually saved from a top my mum had asked me to repair but was unable to.
I think it is a perfect match.

This dress is a first in more ways than one. I have actually made this dress for someone who wanted to purchase it from me. A jacket is also on the list to complete for the same lady.
I am very excited about it as I have dreamed about selling the clothes I have made for such a long time. I am sure that I am not alone in this dream, it is so rewarding.
Hopefully it is just the beginning:-)

Saturday, 28 April 2012

A School Jacket


I seem to be making a lot of jackets and coats this year, but you need to when you have 6 kids.
Here is my latest one, made for my 10 year old.

I used the McCall's 5697 pattern.

I used some of the fabric I got from my Oma but it was not quite enough.
I had to compensate with a contrasting collar and facing.
I'm wishing I had of chosen a black or darker colour instead of the check now :(

I have made this jacket before but this is the first time I added the tabs to the sleeves.
I'm really happy with this feature.

Overall I'm very happy with this new school jacket for my daughter.

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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Winter Jammies


I have been sewing some Winter PJ's for the kids and this is what I have done so far.

For the purple PJ's I used the Simplicity 4388 pattern.
I made them a size 10 and they were a really good fit.

The Lion Jammies were made using the Butterick 4695 pattern.
I made size 5 and they are massive on my son.
 No worries though. They will fit him next year too.

The red & white polka dot nighty was made with the same pattern.
This time I made a size 3 (a size smaller than I ordinarily would have) and it fit great.

I like the high side splits and the long length.

When I searched the internet for a link there were no images, in fact the pattern that comes up when Butterick 4695 is typed in is actually a vintage ladies coat.

I purchased this pattern about 16 years ago and I love that I am still using it.

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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Japanese Pattern Winter Jacket

I am getting ready for Winter and have just finished another jacket for my daughter.

I used this pattern from one of my Japanese pattern books.
I loved this jacket from the moment I saw it.

I did encounter a couple of problems making it though. I used a pin striped velvet fabric and looking at the photos in the book I think they used a more stretchy fabric. Because of this I had a problem with the sleeves. They were supposed to fit in flat but I was unable to stretch the armhole so instead I had to slightly gather the sleeve. Not a major issue.

The collar had 2 pieces, one a little smaller than the other. I'm sure I was supposed to stretch the smaller piece so that when the collar was turned the seam would sit underneath. Well I couldn't stretch it here either so I just cut the 2 pieces the same size and made a regular collar.

The only other problem I had was with the buttonholes...those damn little buttonholes.
I even changed my needle for a sharp new one and still had issues. The first 2 worked like a dream but when sewing the top 2, my thread kept snapping and the feed dogs wouldn't feed my fabric through. So they ended up looking like this:

I like the pin tuck detail on the bodice though :)

We haven't really had much Winter weather here yet but I was pleased to get a little rain today so we went out to play .

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Sunday, 15 April 2012

A $3 Skirt and More Bargain Finds


I wanted to share some of the great op shop finds I have made over the last couple of weeks.
This skirt would have to be one of my favourite things.

Just check out this pocket. I just love it!
I am going to try to copy it on one of the next skirts I make.
It has lovely ribbon edging around the pocket and such pretty embroidery around the bottom.

 A pretty skirt for $3

Then I found a cool boys shirt.

Not bad for $3 

For the first time I searched out sewing patterns at my local op shop and I found these ones.
I got the 3 patterns for $2
The PJ's (on the left) is size 2 and will perfectly suit my little one for next summer.
The skirt pattern is size 6. I don't have any one to fit it yet but I just LOVED it and couldn't not buy it. 

This t-shirt pattern I bought to use as a standard t-shirt. It is size 4-5-6
so I will get some use out of it with my 4 & 5 year old.

That's it for today.
I'll be sure to share any other finds from my op shop adventures soon.

Organising my sewing centre...completed.


Here is the final instalment of Organising my Sewing Centre.
You can read here for instalment 1 focusing on thread, trims and notions
and here for instalment 2 focusing on patterns and tools.

Now onto my fabric storage solution.
I have seen some most awesome ways to store fabric such as
this one from Smashed Peas and Carrots.

Wouldn't it be great to have such neat, easily accessible fabric.
If I only had quilting cotton I might be able to replicate this idea
but this is the fabric stack I have to store.

I tried my best to stack in similar fabric piles...

...and then neatly them stack in my fabric cupboard.

I picked this cupboard up off ebay for the tidy price of $113.
It was originally a tv cupboard but the previous owners added a shelf and used it as a wine cupboard.
It works perfectly as a sewing cupboard now.

I use the little draws underneath to hold my interfacing, ribbons, button and press studs.

I keep all of my scrap fabric in these baskets under my side table.
The baskets I picked up from a kerbside collection.
They are not in great condition but do a good enough job to suffice.

The draws of the side table hold craft scissors and sticky tape, tools and overlocker thread...

...and my bookcase holds all of my sewing books.

This basket was picked up from a kerbside collection too.
I use it to hold all of my half completed projects and keep it on top of my fabric cupboard.

And there you have it,
aka : The Dining Room...



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