Sunday, 29 April 2012

My First Lula Maxi Dress


I have made my first Lula Maxi Dress and I LOVE it!
The pattern is one that I won in the competition from Melly Sews and is from Lily Giggle.

I found this a very easy pattern to use and really recommend it to anyone who has basic sewing knowledge.

I slightly altered the pattern and added in a ruffle at the bottom instead of using a flat piece of fabric.
The ruffle was actually saved from a top my mum had asked me to repair but was unable to.
I think it is a perfect match.

This dress is a first in more ways than one. I have actually made this dress for someone who wanted to purchase it from me. A jacket is also on the list to complete for the same lady.
I am very excited about it as I have dreamed about selling the clothes I have made for such a long time. I am sure that I am not alone in this dream, it is so rewarding.
Hopefully it is just the beginning:-)


  1. Love it, Sherry!!! Congrats on your first sale!!!

  2. This is gorgeous! I'm going to check out this pattern! Congratulations on your first sale! I hope it is the first of many!!

  3. well done, great colours and looks very pretty :)

  4. it's lovely, and congrats on the first sale!

  5. Very Pretty! Thanks for linking up to "I Made This" at Grits & Giggles!

  6. So very pretty!! Great job on it.



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