Saturday, 7 April 2012

Organising my sewing centre...continued.


Well to continue on with the organisation of my sewing centre I'd like to show you how I sort out all of my patterns.

I keep them in baskets in my buffet.

I trace the pattern I'm using onto tracing fabric (there are many brands available but I use the very thin sew on interfacing) and store each size in it's own zip lock bag, labelling the bag with the size enclosed.

I then put the main pattern envelope in a large zip lock bag with all of the individual sized zip lock bags.  
I find this an easy way to preserve the original pattern and keep all previously used patterns easily organised.


 I keep this draw in my buffet full of my most useful tools including all my scissors and pins as well as my size labels and my "adore" clothing labels.

The little pouch came from my Oma. It was handmade a long time ago, I remember her telling me her niece made it for her. I use this to hold my small collection of hand embroidery things.

Now when I collected my Oma's sewing items this box was amongst her things. My Opa (German Pop) was a carpenter and so he had made this box out of scraps he had around the house.

I thought it would be great to store all of my small items like needles, tape measures, marker pens and chalk, chopsticks (I use these for pressing out corners and seams).

It makes me happy to keep a memento of my Opa and use it in a way that makes my life better.

My next point I wanted to show you was how I organise my fabric.
This made the post way too long so I will save it for the next and final post of
"Organising my Sewing Centre"

So stay tuned :)

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