Sunday, 15 April 2012

Organising my sewing centre...completed.


Here is the final instalment of Organising my Sewing Centre.
You can read here for instalment 1 focusing on thread, trims and notions
and here for instalment 2 focusing on patterns and tools.

Now onto my fabric storage solution.
I have seen some most awesome ways to store fabric such as
this one from Smashed Peas and Carrots.

Wouldn't it be great to have such neat, easily accessible fabric.
If I only had quilting cotton I might be able to replicate this idea
but this is the fabric stack I have to store.

I tried my best to stack in similar fabric piles...

...and then neatly them stack in my fabric cupboard.

I picked this cupboard up off ebay for the tidy price of $113.
It was originally a tv cupboard but the previous owners added a shelf and used it as a wine cupboard.
It works perfectly as a sewing cupboard now.

I use the little draws underneath to hold my interfacing, ribbons, button and press studs.

I keep all of my scrap fabric in these baskets under my side table.
The baskets I picked up from a kerbside collection.
They are not in great condition but do a good enough job to suffice.

The draws of the side table hold craft scissors and sticky tape, tools and overlocker thread...

...and my bookcase holds all of my sewing books.

This basket was picked up from a kerbside collection too.
I use it to hold all of my half completed projects and keep it on top of my fabric cupboard.

And there you have it,
aka : The Dining Room...



  1. It looks great Sherry! I've got to sort mine out this week... I'm starting to feel like one of those people from hoarders!!! :D

  2. The fact that it was your dining room came as a surprise at the end. So neat and tidy. Looks great!!!

  3. Sherry my dining room has become my sewing centre too - however its currently a mess! My father-in-law is building me a custom desk but until that happens my dining room will not look as good as yours!!

  4. It is amazing the lengths we go to to get a photo. I should have added in a before and after shot of my dining room because it does not usually look this neat!



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