Sunday, 15 April 2012

Wearing Their New Outfits and A Feature


We went to my cousins daughters birthday party today.
I just had to share some pictures of my girls wearing their special outfits I made for the day.

I actually missed the opportunity to take a photo with the girls all new and neat, with shoes and socks and clean faces, but still got some nice pics none the less.

On the slide with the birthday girl...

...and with each other.

I made up a bib to match the dress yesterday to avoid any food spills.

The wonderful day ended a little like this...

Sweet dreams ♥


On another note.
Thanks guys!

They are having a linky party today so why not head over and show off some of your latest projects.
I'll see you there!

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  1. The outfits look fabulous on the girls. Looks like they had a great day. Good idea to make the matching bib!!! Congrats on the feature...

  2. The outfits are great, and I like the matching bib, too! I love the picture of them asleep with their heads turned the same way. So sweet.

  3. Great pics! I especially love the last one! I wish Hannah would crash out like that!!! :D



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