Sunday, 18 September 2011

Baby Leggings


I saw this tutorial for leggings at Make It & Love It and thought I really want to make some. I have only attempted to sew with knit fabric a couple of times before and I'm still not very comfortable with it.
Apart from that I am usually useless without a pattern but I actually made my own pattern too.

I took this pair of legging and made my pattern as directed in the tutorial.

And ended up with these.

I actually didn't take too much care with these thinking to myself that I probably wouldn't even use them. But they actually turned out ok. One thing I didn't do was to use a zig zag stitch to allow for stretch, but it is not an issue with these pants as they go over my babys nappy with ease. 

I made this little hairclip a while ago which complimented the outfit nicely.

I have collected quite a lot of knit fabric that I am now inspired to use, so stay tuned and see my next knit creation soon :-)


  1. Too cute!!! I wish Hannah had enough hair to put a cute little clip in :)

  2. Cute ruffle on the bottom of the leggings.

  3. So cute! And I am loving all of your garments! New follower :)


  4. Very cute! I sew a lot with knits and really - once you've done a few projects you'll enjoy working with them. Using a ball point needle makes a great difference. Also, if your knit begins to curl after you've cut it, spray and iron (twice usually) with spray starch to keep it in place. I realize you didn't ask for any tips but I love to share what I've learned LOL :)

  5. Thanks Missy for your advice. I appreciate all the advice I can get :-)



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