Saturday, 21 January 2012

"A Library Bag" made by my 10 year old.

Spot the dot library bag.


My ten year old daughter loves playing around on my sewing machine.
She is always making litte bag's but this time she made a big bag.

My eldest daughter bought this fabric piece home from Poland
when she went on holidays earlier this year.

My 10 year old did everything herself when making this bag including cutting out the pieces, pinning and sewing up the bag. I only helped with ironing the straps.

I think it is a job well done!    


  1. You've passed on the sewing genes to your daughter, Sherry!!! She's done a fabulous job!!! Love the black and red fabric...

  2. What a fabulous job! I'm still a bit of a control freak when my 11 year old daughter wants to sew. lol. I really should just let her go with it a bit more... and not worry so much about her tangling up the thread and such. lol



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