Saturday, 21 January 2012

2 Little Pleated Skirts


I got one of my Japanese pattern books out yesterday and made 2 little skirts.
This was the first one I made.

 I was surprised that it did not fit snuggly around my daughter waist.
Everything I have made from my Japanese pattern books have fitted perfectly up to now.

This spotted fabric was out at $2p/m.
I bought 3 metres of this fabric and 3 metres of another fabric, also selling for $2p/m.
So all up I purchased 6 metres of fabric, using a $10 voucher I only paid $2.

I decided to make a slight change in the next skirt I made.

I added an elastic back and this made ALL the difference for a perfect fit.
I even went back and altered the first skirt, also giving it an elastic back.

This spotted fabric was put on the cheap rack but was supposed to be full price at $14p/m.
I ended up paying $6p/m.

I added this woollen lace trim and blue ric rac.
I'm not sure if it would have been better left plain.
What do you think?

I just love this pearl button ♥

I made another little hair bow, this time attaching it to a lacky.

Such a cute little pattern. I'll be sure to make a few more of these :-)


  1. These skirts are lovely! I love the red fabric... even better to get it at such bargain price! I used my $10 Spotlight voucher on friday :)
    I also think the lace and ric rac are the perfect match!
    Well Done!!!

  2. Gorgeous! I love the extra trim and ricrac :)

  3. Absolutely ADORABLE!!! Love the style, love the fabrics, love the special touches! Super sweet skirts!

    1. p.s. are these Japanese sewing books titled in a way I could search for them? I looked at your other post too and am not checking the site you linked, but just wondered if I might find them locally. Thanks! My email is hopefulthreads at yahoo dot com

  4. Both versions are gorgeous, Sherry. I think the ric rac and lace are the perfect addition!!!



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