Friday, 10 August 2012

Reversible Shoulder Tie Dress Tutorial


The other day I saw a beautiful dress over at Sew Chibi
which made think about making something similar.

Unfortunately for her the dress she made didn't fit over her daughters head
so to avoid this happening to me I decided to make a dress that has
one shoulder open and close with a tie.

Do you want to make one yourself?
Here is a tutorial I have prepared.

First start with 'A line' dress pattern.
I used this pattern.

You just need to alter the shoulders.
On one side you should lengthen both the front and back
so it is long enough to be able to tie when it is completed.

The other side should be made so the front and back shoulder seams are even
and it will sit on top of the shoulder when it is complete.

Once this has been done you will need to cut
2 front pieces and 2 back pieces from different fabric.

To jazz up the dress a little and to tie the two fabric choices together
I cut 2 pieces from each fabric in a circular shape. 

You can add ruffles or any other embellishments to it before you sew it together.
If you want to add buttons leave that until this piece has been attached to the dress.

Sew the 2 matching pieces RST (right sides together) around edges.
Leave neck edge open.
Trim seam and turn right side out and press.

Attach them to the front of the dress of the opposite fabric.

Now is the time to add any buttons if you want to.
Just remember the seam allowance at the top.

Next step is to place each dress RST and sew together at the sides seams.

Make sure to press the side seams open.
This will make the next step much neater.

Place one dress inside the other RST.
Sew around the neck, tie and underarm seams.
DO NOT sew the short shoulder seam together.

Trim seams and clip curves.
Turn the dress right side facing out (and in because it is reversible).

Just note that when sewing up the neck and underarm seam on the short shoulder
leave about 1.5cm (the seam allowance) unsewn.
You need to do this so you can sew the shoulder seam together once the dress has been turned.

Pin the shoulder seam of one dress and stitch.

**Some advice if you are using a plain and patterned fabric.
It is best to secure the seam of the plain fabric with the machine
and leave the patterned fabric for the hand stitching. It hides any faults much better.

This is how it should look.
Once you have it turned in, pin the open shoulder seam
and topstitch around the entire neck, tie and underarm seam.
This will hold the short shoulder seam in place.
To finish this step just slipstitch the opening closed.

All that is left to do is to turn up the hem, making sure that both sides are even. Pin and stitch.

And you are done!!

I would love to hear any comments on how you find this tutorial.
Let me know if there are any mistakes or if there is something you can quite follow.

And make sure you send me a link to any reversible shoulder tie dresses that you have made!

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  1. So Cute! Thanks for sharing the idea

  2. So cute! I will be making one for my 2yo to wear to a tea party next weekend layerd over a tuttle neck and cable knit tights! thanks for the tutorial.

  3. very beautiful ... thank you so much =))



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