Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Pants for My Little Man


It seams as though I am always sewing for my girls
so it was about time I made something for my little fella.
He was in desperate need for some pants that weren't too short, so I made him these.

I used this pattern from Happy Homemade Vol 2.
Even though they may be a girls pattern they totally suit a boy too.

I added some front pockets using Dana's Kids Pants Pattern.
I wish I had attached the front pockets a little higher...oh well, next time.

I lined the pockets with some flannette fabric.

And now for some cute pics of my guy in his new pants.
 Love Him ♥

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  1. great job! sewing for little boys seems a lot more intimidating than sewing for little girls!

  2. They look fabulous, Sherry! Love the corduroy. I sew more girlie things, too...I wonder why that is?

  3. This is really cute Sherry. I wouldn't even have noticed the pockets if you didn't mention it. I thought he was just wearing it hipster style ;)

  4. They are the coolest pants! I really love them! I have that same flannel fabric... Emily wanted me to make her a dress out of it ages ago, I made a pillowcase dress for her and she hates hit! lol... I must recycle that for Hannah :)

  5. Love the corduroy pants, that looks so cute on him.



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