Saturday, 18 February 2012

Vintage Overalls


My friend Laura picked me up a super cute vintage pattern for Size 1 overalls for 50c from our local swapmeet a while ago. I have been waiting for my little baby to grow enough to fit this pattern. By the time Winter arrives I'm sure these will fit her just fine.

I made these overalls from a lightweight stretchy denim and lined it with pink linen.

I used the buttons I salvaged from a Winter coat my 3 year old daughter used last year.

Don't mind my chalk markings around the buttons.
I forgot to wipe it off before I took the picture.
I changed my tactic when dealing with the buttonholes on my machine.
You may have read this post that explained my sadness over my machine failing it's buttonhole task.
This time around I used my regular presser foot and just manually zigzagged the buttonhole.
This worked effectively.

I made some changes to the pattern by using 2 pieces for each strap. This allowed me to match the underside to the lining.
I also added a pink cuff to make it more girly.

So cute, hey?


  1. These turned out darling!!! and I love the special touch the buttons give! Cute! Cute!

  2. Overalls are so practical for kids and these ones look fabulous!!! Pink and denim are the perfect combination...



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