Friday, 17 February 2012

Awesome op shop find & transformation


Yesterday I went to the op shop and spent too much money on heaps of bargains. As I was almost at the counter I spotted a beautiful ladies white lace skirt and I had visions of making something just like this.

I only thought to take a before shot after I had already cut out some of the pieces. I still managed to get this shot which gives you an idea of what I started with.

I was so pleased with the results that I wanted to take some great pictures of my beautiful daughter wearing her beautiful new dress. Here are some of the shots.

I made some changes but used this New Look pattern as the basis for the dress.

I couldn't bare the idea of wasting any of this fabric so I decided to make my little baby a skirt to match. I just love matching outfits.

I decided to add a nappy cover under the skirt and I used this tutorial from Dana Made It and just added a little lace ruffle in case the skirt flies up.

Who needs Spotlight when you have a 50% off special at the Op Shop.
No offence Spotlight...I still love you.
But how could you possible go past these two gorgeous outfit for the grand total of $2.


  1. So much cuteness! It turned into a wonderful dress and skirt for your girls.

  2. Two fabulous little outfits for $2, Sherry. Great upcycle!!! I love white, but I always seem to manage to stain white outfits.

  3. Thanks Pam. I could never understand people who bought white clothing, especially for kids until I recently discovered the power of bleach. I don't worry about staining, I just give it a good soaking and so far I have been able to keep my whites BEAutiful. With my kids, that's a miracle :)

  4. Wow not one but two outfits AND the look lovely and comfy. You are amazing!



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