Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Pink & Yellow Dress


I made this little dress yesterday with some of the fabric I had left over from this skirt.

It is kind of my own creation. I mixed up a couple of patterns to get this final product.

Once I had finished the pink dress I thought that the bodice was a little too long so to disguise this I added a yellow sash made from the same type of fabric.

I think that this actually makes the dress look nicer, especially teamed with a matching yellow t-shirt.

I used little pink press studs to fasten the straps at the front. I only used interfacing on the back straps so I'm a little worried that the press studs might rip the fabric at the front. The fabric is quite sheer so we'll see how it goes.

Perfect for a picnic...

and climbing trees?


  1. It's lovely, Sherry. The yellow sash finishes it off nicely, by breaking up the pink. It's great that you were able to adapt several patterns to make your own!!!

  2. I agree... the yellow sash makes it look really pretty :) I haven't tried using press studs yet. Is it easy? Might have to look for a tutorial!

  3. So pretty! Love the yellow and pink combo.

  4. Very sweet - I love the addition of the sash. A great decision to finish off the dress perfectly.



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